Name of the Subject
Technical English
Mathematics I
Engineering Physics I
Engineering Graphics
Fundamentals of Computing and Computer Programming
Computer Practice Laboratory I
Physics Laboratory I
Chemistry Laboratory I
Engineering Practices Laboratory
Technical English II
Mathematics II
Engineering Mechanics
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Computer Practice Laboratory II
Physics Laboratory II
Chemistry Laboratory II
Engineering Mechanics
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Computer Practice Laboratory II
Physics & Chemistry Laboratory II
Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling Laboratory
English Skills Communication Laboratory
Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
Environmental Science and Engineering
Data Structures
Digital Principles and System Design
Object Oriented Programming
Analog and Digital Communication
Digital Lab
Data Structures Lab
Object Oriented Programming Lab
Computer Architecture and Organization
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Microprocessors & Microcontroller
Computer Organization and Algorithms
Probability and Queuing Theory
Operating Systems
Data Base Management Systems Lab
Microprocessors lab
Communication Skills and Technical Seminar II
Software Engineering
Discrete Mathematics
Computer Networks
Theory of Computation
System Software Lab
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Networks
Information Security
C++ Programming
Principles of Complier Design
C Programming
Advanced computer Architecture
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Internet Programming
Communication Skills Lab
Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting
Computer Graphics Lab
Mobile and Pervasive Computing
Digital Signal Processing
Computer Graphics Lab
Open Source Lab
Engineering Economies and Cost Analysis
Project Work
Multicore Programming
Visual Programming
Advanced JAVA Programming
Parallel Programming
Web Technology
UNIX Internals
Numerical Methods
Embedded systems
Advanced Database Technology

Data Structures And Object Orientedprogramming In C++

High Performance Microprocessors
Resource Management Techniques
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Real Time Systems
TCP/IP design and Implementation
Natural Language Processing
User Interface Design
Service Oriented Architecture
Advanced Operating Systems
Data Structures and Algorithm
Cryptography and Networking Security
Systems Modeling & Simulation
Network Programming and Management
Software Testing
Wireless Networks
Intellectual Property Rights
Graph Theory

Programming Paradigms

Soft Computing
Digital Image Processing
Software Quality Assurance
Distributed Systems
Knowledge Based Decision Support Systems
Professional Ethics in Engineering
Fundamentals of Nan science
Indian Constitution and Society
High Speed Networks
Software Project management
Quantum Computing
Grid Computing
Agent based Intelligent Systems
Bio Informatics
Networks Lab